Saturday, August 13, 2016

Chemo 3 & 4 (IHOP)

I've already tried and failed to write two other blog posts. This one is gonna make it to press. 

Chemo 3 was July 8 and chemo 4 was July 29. Inside those 36 days since chemo 3, we've had five good days. (The five days before the 29th.)

To put it plainly, this is the worst chemo experience Anne-Marie has ever had. She's been extremely sick with flu-like symptoms. She'll go for a week mostly fueled by toast, Gatorade and grit. 

Chemo 5 has been delayed to allow time for updated testing. This stretches the overall timeline into the fall.  I guess after four months of intense treatment, what difference is another week or two?

I love summers in the Pacific NW. If you live here, you know that 75% of the year's plans are all crammed into the stretch from June to September. 

This month's big adventure? We went to IHOP. While in the macro that's super disappointing, in the micro that breakfast was absolutely delicious. And the kids had a blast. 

And in the really, really big picture? Well.  It's just a summer. We're doing what we gotta do. The truth is we (I mean us. I don't know about you.) probably too easily define the success of our calendar year by the vacation we went on or home improvement project we completed.

Stuff like this helps you see what really matters most. I'm looking at it every day. So IHOP's cool.

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