Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Pics of 2008

These are my 34 most-favorite pictures of 2008: fire extinguisher training (phone pic); totaled Tercel (phone pic); A-M @ Mad Greek Deli; broken cat; Autzen Stadium; Annie Rose; Cascade Highlands Bridge; Sunriver BBQ; Kayonna; Ryan looking "normal"; Oregon Garden foxgloves; rose; iris; us @ Crown Point; Crown Point; A-M and Carrie @ Wahkeena; A-M @ Bridal Veil; Mike and Ripley; Chris Tomlin @ CityFest; Stan throwing water balloon; B&B window; A-M @ Fort Stevens; Rose River Inn; A-M and Marina; Michael W. Smith blur; Sydney under footrest; Nick and Kay @ beach; Me and A-M @ beach; victorious Nick; Lincoln City sign; lost; our tree; Gerding theater; Alyssa on Christmas Day

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