Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The post before the one that really matters

Yesterday, I went to Fry's Electronics to get a new memory card for my camera and our '09 pictures. Do you realize that they make these 16 Gigabyte versions of these things now? That would hold about 6,200 pictures.

Anyhow, I got a 4 Gig card ($15 dollars, with a $10 rebate) to fit the entire year's worth of pictures and wandered up to the checkout. At Fry's they have a checkout referee that assigns you a register as they open up, so I went obediently to Register #21 to buy my card.

Completely boring stuff, except that at Register #22 a guy was arguing over the return policy of some surround sound equipment. Standing about an arm's length to my right he seemed about six and a half feet tall. Looked like a professional wrestler. Had the goatee, shaved head, big woolen topcoat. A 5'-5", 120-pound sales associate named Herman (totally made that name up), was trying to explain the details of the situation to him.

"Well, see, that's the problem, sir. The receiver was on your credit card, but we can't seem to give you any credit back for the subwoofer..."

Mr. Stone Cold Steve Austin's eyes narrow.

"That's what they told me last time I was here. They wanted to put it on a gift card." Stone Cold says in a even, almost-fatherlike tone.
"Well, that's what happens when stuff comes back here that's been on a gift card..."

My Fry's Customer Service Representative, Trevor, distracts me away from the distraction.

"That'll be $14.97 with a $10 rebate. Would you like me to run your card as credit or debit?"
(Maybe if I run it as credit I won't be stuck with the gift card.)
"Credit, please."
"You said credit, right. Can I see some ID?"

I hastily fumble through my wallet while shooting glances to my right.

(Hurry up, Trevor, before-he-hits-someone-with-an-office-chair!)

The scene to my right grows as more sales associates gather.

"There ya go, sir. Thanks for choosing Fry's."
(C'mon, c'mon, c'mon already!)
"Oh and before you go (AAAAAAAAH!!!! No!! Stop talking to me!), would you be interested in saving 10% on your next purchase by opening a Fry's account?"

Already moving toward the door.

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  1. Oh, too funny! I'd be the moron who would stand there and watch...like a bad accident on the road! I've gotta get over to Fry's more often!
    But seriously, Kim Pasion told me to head over and read your blog. It's been crazy in our house getting ready to travel. I don't know if I responded when you emailed...oops/sorry!!! We wish you ALL the best and hope to meet you at the next Dove function! Prayers for a referral SOON!!!!!