Sunday, November 04, 2012

Writing Home #1: The Big Change

Almost since the beginning I was planning this.  It was getting old explaining it to everyone.  Now it's been 6 1/2 years and the blog is changing its name.

In the middle of things going crazy in 2006 I reserved the name because at the time I couldn't come up with anything better.  After finding out a few of the names I wanted were already taken, I surreptitiously lifted the name from the writings of Solomon (Proverbs 1:6) and that was that.  Since then I've been added to gothic web rings and mistaken for a Star Wars geek among other things.  Of course this was not my intention at all, but all of the stuff didn't change the fact that I kinda liked the name.

A lot of time has passed since 2006, and as we move forward to 2013 and the start of the 8th year of the blog, it's time for a change.  And it's likely to be permanent.

Starting yesterday, the blog is now called "Writing Home".  Why writing home?  I think it's because I had a boss for several years that would always refer to those underwhelming experiences in life as something "not worth writing home about".  I'm hoping that some of what's written here will be the opposite of underwhelming.  Maybe not overwhelming, but at least--for consistency's sake--whelming.

As before, this blog is not a political blog or a Christian blog or a sports blog or an anything-else-but-a-personal blog.  It's about my life.  What's going on where I am and where I want to be.  My home or at least the place I want to call home.  I hope it can be either as personal or more personal than the old version of the blog.

If it be struggle, then let it be towards triumph.  If it be joy, then I hope you share it with me.  If it be faith, then let it shine through the words written.

What about darksayings? 

Darksayings as an overall theme is gone, but you'll notice that the actual web address hasn't changed (yet...we'll see on that).  No more crazy minimalistic headers.  No more black and gray.  No more cold, sleek lines.  I took pride in how meticulously crafted my blog *usually* was, especially considering the limitations of Blogger, but Writing Home will look a lot different. 

I know the change will make it all less unique and more like a million GASP! "mom" blogs out there, but whatever.  People thought I was the Sith before; now they'll think I'm the SAHM.  I'm already feeling some anxiety over the serif font.  Hope I don't chicken out and go back to the dark side.

Once again: the blog is still located at or for now.

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